Wake Up and Live Your Dreams

        Wake Up and Live Your Dreams 

I felt free as a bird flying high above rows of high rise hotels along the sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach. I could see miles ahead of me. It was ten minutes of amazingness as I soared 5,000 feet above the ground. Sitting in the front seat of the helicopter with a 180-degree view from side to side, I quickly grabbed my phone to capture the sights. I could have stayed up there all day. There was so much to see and I felt free, like nothing was holding me back. The pilot and I chatted through the headphones as the helicopter roared. He had been flying for 12 years, providing local tours and giving traffic and weather reports.

I had written 25,000 words in less than three days, so I was flying high before I boarded the helicopter. My imagination flowed from my mind to my fingertips onto the keyboard. I had snuck away to the beach to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing a fictional book. The ride was my reward for reaching a personal goal.


How to Move from Fairy Tales to Reality

Every since I was a child, I have dreamt of sharing stories with others. It wasn’t just a dream to be a teacher but to be the author of those stories. I was swallowed up in my imagination while playing with matchbox cars, dolls, and make-believe characters made out of odds things around the house. In the beginning, my stories were created in my head, but as I got older I wrote them down.

My parents, knowing my love for writing, registered me in a course with the Institute of Children’s Literature. I completed it in three years, but then I let the facts of life take over. I began to feel that sitting with words pouring off my pencil was a waste of time. Instead I focused on being a wife and then a mom. My future seemed to be out of my hands, and my dreams faded away.

But my life was not complete without my dreams. My desire to write stories did not disappear, as it was still prevalent as I read stories to my children. My dream was still present and I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I accomplished it.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

After the death of my husband, I began to invest in my personal growth to continue to work through the grief. I met Cassandra Washington at a women’s conference, and later hired her as my life coach. Through her Transform Through Writing program, I realized my dream of becoming a published author was indeed possible. All I needed was to believe in myself and follow my heart. After only two short years, I have coauthored two best-selling books, and I am sharing information about myself and my writing with millions of readers on Amazon. Visit my Author Page and start a conversation.

Making your dreams come true begins with a choice. Every path you choose will lead you to a fork in the road, giving you a decision to make. My choice was to pursue my dream and to be open to coaching, to face my fears, overcome my doubts, and to be willing to fail. It’s not an easy path. There are bumps along the way but every bump pushes you in the right direction and helps you achieve your dream.

The road took courage and my mind was stretched beyond anything I could imagine. I became more confident and sure of myself. You will too! By the time you complete your journey, the dreams which seemed beyond your reach are now at your fingertips.

Have You Given Up On Your Dream?

On a flight a few months ago, a lady sitting next to me said, “You must be a writer.” I responded hesitantly, “Yes, I am.” Being a writer was only a dream, so I was surprised when she acknowledged me. Until that flight, I hadn’t owned the title of writer. She remarked about how I was using a pen in my hand instead of a laptop. As she listened to me share about my chapter, she said, “I could tell by the way you were talking, that you were a writer; I didn’t even have to read your words.” I replied, “Thank you, I appreciate that.” Her compliment made me so proud. She saw something in me that I hadn’t even stopped to realize was there. I am a writer. Yes, that’s right!

Had I not taken a leap of faith and invested in myself,  I’d still be wondering if my dream could come true. Taking a risk led to writing in two books. Through this experience, I am now working with a writing coach/editor who is helping me publish my first fiction novel. All of these accomplishments would not have taken place if I didn’t believe in myself and trust others to lead me in the right direction.

It’s a choice! You can choose to pursue what’s important in your life or to push it aside instead of making it a reality. When you’re passionate about something, you need to make it a priority. I did, and I am confident that you can too!

What dreams are you passionate about? Share in the comments below.

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About the Author:

My name is Susan W (sue) Corbran. I am a writer, a Creative Memories consultant, a volunteer in Children's Ministry at my church, and an advocate for widows and gay Christians. I love helping people - whether it is by sharing my stories; consulting with others on how to preserve their most precious memories - photos and ways to tell their stories; or helping children learn about God - and for them to know that He loves them, no matter what! I am a Mom and a Grandma. I love to golf, travel, read, and listen to music (and play the piano and guitar, when available - simple songs!). Oh and I love to write - so be sure to read some of my blogs. I am a co-author of the book Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth, An Amazon Best Seller, 2015, along with The Call to Soar, an Amazon Best Seller, 2016. An author of the ebook Five Simple Ways to Love Gay Christians You Need to Know Now, 2017, and other numerous blogs and articles for magazine contests. This year, 2017, I plan to publish a series of books for young adult (ages 9-14) in the genre of Christian Life. I also hope to publish a book of childhood memories (to share with my grandchildren). My hope is that God willl be praised and glorified by my writing for Him.


  1. Laurie Shultz December 8, 2016 at 11:11 am - Reply

    Sue, are you self publishing did you go the old school route and get yourself literary agent? I’ m about 100 pages into a book I started writing back in 2000. . At one point I hit a wall and put it aside and only work on it sporadically. I then started another book and am about 20 pages into it. I spent several dollars to stamp and snail mail letters to agents I found in a book I got at Barnes and Noble. It was supposed to be the most current, up to date list of agents by genre. I sent out about 14 letters and got 2 back with addressee unknown and one back saying he was no longer a literary agent. the the rest never acknowledged me at all. I’ve thought about self publishing but that takes money.

    • Sue December 20, 2016 at 2:28 pm - Reply

      Hi Laurie, yes I’m doing self-publishing. The last two books were anthologies that I wrote a chapter in – these were self-published through Create Space – Amazon. I belong to the Charlotte Writer’s club and last month the guest speaker spoke about the pros and cons for publishing and you can make just as much money with your book when you self-publish it. I am working with the same editor MJ Schwader, Inspiredlifepublications.com He’s helping me edit and publish a fictional book I’m working on now. I’m also writing articles for contests, with the help of my editor. I wish you well. If I come across all those notes I took at the last meeting, I’ll email them to you. Good luck! Sue

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