How I Found My Voice in the Memory of a Red-Flowered Dress

Originally entered in the Real Simple Magazine Contest in September 2016. Judging was announced in January, 2017 – this entry did not win. The Monkey in a Red-Flowered Dress  By Susan W. Corbran  So I am honored to share part of it with you.

“Ooh-ooh-ooh-eee-eee!” Standing in the middle of the school gym wearing a red-flowered birthday dress, I could hear kids snickering behind me, and I felt the warmth of embarrassment on my face. I was one of the monkeys in the school play, but instead of wearing the brown pants and brown shirts neatly folded at the foot of my bed at home, I was the only monkey in a dress.

My 12th birthday started earlier than usual, but I was excited to wake up and open my gifts. Our family birthday tradition included opening our gifts in the morning and eating birthday cake that evening, events I often wished were reversed. Another tradition was that we would wear our new birthday clothes to school that day.  

My brother, sister, and I raced to Mom and Dad’s bed, and I climbed in and settled down between them. Mom uncovered a small pile of neatly wrapped boxes. Holding the last box in my hand, I prayed it wouldn’t be a dress. I slowly untied the red ribbon and peeked into the box with my fingers crossed for good measure. I glanced up at Mom, saw her smiling face and faked a smile back at her as I pulled out a red-flowered dress.

Possibly the same red-flowered dress I wore as a monkey in the school play.

“You’re going to look so pretty today,” my mom said excitedly.

“Um, thanks, Mom,” I replied.

I wanted to tell Mom about the class play, but she was so excited to see me in my new dress that I was sure she would be disappointed that I wanted to dress up like a monkey on my birthday. I quickly gave everyone a big hug and kiss, and then returned to my room, dragging my feet on the floor with my head bowed in regret. When I was sure no one could see me, I tossed the dress on my bed with disgust.

“I hate dresses!” I mumbled under my breath. “Monkeys don’t wear dresses!”

Oh, how I wished I could tell my mom that I didn’t want to wear the dress that day; but I was scared.

I thought to myself that I could promise her I would wear the dress on another day. But I never said a word. Having watched my sister argue for jeans and Dad yelling that young ladies do not wear jeans never looked like much fun, so I learned to keep quiet about things that would make my parents mad. I never spoke up or went against Mom and Dad’s wishes.

I lost my voice that day by choosing to remain silent. And I was the only monkey in a red-flowered dress.

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My chapter “Finding My Way” in the book Emerge, shares the story of my second husband, dealing with his cancer and death, and then finding my voice through writing. 

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I believe God has more opportunities to help others during my lifetime.

In the meantime, have you ever felt like you didn’t have a voice? Or how are you expressing your voice? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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