Increase Your Faith, Decrease Your Fear

I encourage you to pick up a copy of Strength in My Storm released today on Amazon. This real story and the author’s faith in God through her struggle with cancer will inspire you.

My friend and breast cancer survivor, Michelle Perzan shares her fears, struggles, and pain in her latest book. Michelle and I both discovered writing to be very therapeutic when we wrote in the book Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth in 2015.

“Writing out my journey of breast cancer was as cathartic as it was scary! To be raw, open, honest and vulnerable about something such as cancer can be a challenge. There were times I feared what others would think of my choices.” — Michelle J. Perzan

I felt privileged to review an early release copy of the book. Her story grabbed me from the start, as I was reminded of my mom’s journey with breast cancer. Tears strolled down my face as I was drawn into each word. I was in the room holding her hands while she shared the diagnosis with her family.

Once I started reading, I didn’t stop until I reached the end of the book.

God Gives Us Power Over Fear

Michelle recognizes the power of God in her life.

“For me, through my journey, I saw God’s hand at work and learned that the more I leaned on Him and let go of my control and fear, the more blessed I became.” — Michelle J. Perzan

Having cancer will not take your faith away. You will have strength during the journey. I highly recommend this book to you.  

When I asked her why she wrote the book, Michelle told me she wanted others to believe that when they lean on their faith they really can get through any storm.

Here’s a powerful excerpt from her book shared with permission.

Chapter 7 – Walking With Faith

Could I trust in God and still have fear? I don’t believe you can do both. When you are constantly worried and fearing the outcome of something, how are you placing your trust in God? You aren’t. How could I worry about my boys being okay and where they would be when I was saying with my mouth that I trusted in God?

That’s not trust, that’s fear, and when I was blinded by that fear how could I see God bless me and allow Him to show me His greatness? We all have fear about things every day; that’s normal and it happens. However, how we treat that fear is how we show our faith.

When we acknowledge the fear, and see it, we can lean on God, ask for His guidance and strength to get through whatever is causing the fear, and then we can walk forward. When you see the fear that is crippling you or holding you back and you face it, you can overcome it because you stood up to it. When you do that, it will no longer have the same kind of power over you it once did.

When I get into my van to drive, I don’t fear an accident, or something bad happening when I pull out of my driveway; yet it’s a possibility every time I drive. Instead I stand in my faith knowing God’s hand of protection is around me and I trust in Him to guide me.

The opposite of love is fear. And God cannot live where fear dwells.

Truly, any negative emotion can be brought back to fear. Are you sad? That’s fear of loss or losing someone. Are you angry? That’s the fear of being like that person or being hurt. Those low frequency emotions always lead back to fear. But fear is false evidence appearing real – it’s natural to be fearful, and we all fall into the trap of believing that the fear is greater than the outcome! I know I sure did!

This had to be dealt with, so again, I prayed and asked God to give me His strength, to give me clarity on what to do, for me to completely trust Him, and for me to be able to feel His love and comfort. It was consuming me on the inside. I knew I couldn’t properly heal if I was still holding things inside and pretending that I was okay.

No two people experience cancer the same way. Michelle and I agree that no one should travel alone. We all need other people in our lives, including God.

Purchase Strength in My Storm today! Trust God in all things so the fears don’t control you.

Increase in faith, decrease in fear

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