Three Reasons to Have a Pet

I recently asked my daughter Sarah, “What are three reasons you have a pet?” She told me that both her dog Moses and her cat Sadie, give her unconditional love, companionship, and security.

Three reasons to have a pet

Moses, a two year old part Lab, Great Dane and Boxer.

Pets give unconditional love.

Have you ever had a day when everything seemed to wrong? You locked your keys in the car; you left your purse at home; someone spilled coffee on your white shirt; or the copy machine ran out of ink right when your project was due? Then the moment you walk into your home, all of the stress disappears as you are greeted by a happy dog who wags its tail and jumps up for a hug. Or your cat rubs its fur on your legs.

My parents had a yellow lab named Abby. She would go everywhere with them. When she was a puppy, they had a seatbelt for her in the backseat. As she grew, she would often take over the passenger seat. It was always fun to see them drive through town. 

Pets provide companionship.

People of all ages enjoy having a pet at home. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, fish or anything exotic, like a snake (not in my house!); pets provide companionship for those living alone.

Abby stayed by my dad’s side when he developed cancer and during his last days. Then she stayed by my mom’s side in her illness. Even though Abby was dealing with a bad hip and arthritis, she gave unconditional love to my mom. A few months after my mom died, Abby died too. 

Charlotte, NC is a dog town. Everywhere I go, there is someone out walking with their dog. I have yet to see someone walking their cat, though I’ve heard of it. Many of the apartment complexes have their own dog walking park or area set up with doggy bags. I heard there’s a restaurant in NoDa that welcomes pets.


Pets provide a sense of security.

Larger animals, like Moses and Abby, can provide a sense of security in your home. Their barking can scare off potential robbers; or warn you of danger such as a fire, a robber or another animal in your yard.

Smaller dogs may not scare people away, but their barking will give you a warning that something is wrong.

No matter what kind of pet you have, they will continue to give you unconditional love, companionship, and security.

What kind of pet do you have? Tell us about it in the comments below.



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