Tale of Two Texas Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day

Skipping out on a business meeting, I added the Dallas City and Rail apps to my phone, and soon found myself 475 ft up at the Reunion Tower. Excited, I took a video for my friends, walking around the outside pointing out all the sights, including several cities. By the time I went all the way around, I realized my video wasn’t even on. Darn!

Looking down reminded me of a model railroad set, with miniature trains passing each other, cars backed up in traffic, and people scattered about town.  

Tale of Two Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day                  

I am Lion Hear Me Roar 

Entering the Safari at the Dallas Zoo, I felt like a brave lion. Three years of healing had taken place since my husband died, and I was now feeling complete again. Although lions run in packs, I was finally happy to be on my own.

Tale of Two Texas Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day

I was glad not to be like the kangaroo, with kids in tow. I could walk as slow as the sloth or as fast as the cheetah while enjoying this new freedom. Friends often remarked about my willingness to travel solo. I suppose if you love excursions, you’ll do anything to make it happen. On this day I was dependent only on transportation, or so I thought.

With each adventure, I am learning to let go of the need to be with other people, and be comfortable with my own company.  

Close Encounters of a Different Kind (or maybe we’re the same)

I smiled hello to the older, bearded black man sitting across from me. He wore a long-sleeve plaid shirt (something like I might wear) and carried a bag of newspapers across his shoulder. I gave him a dollar for one of his Streetzines, after he told me it supports homeless people in Dallas and he uses his profit for necessities. I was happy to help a good cause.

At the third stop, two men sat down next to us. My first thought was they were a couple. One man was wearing a kilt, his hands danced as he spoke, and his voice was far from masculine. He told us he was going to Fort Worth for another comedy gig.  

The other man talked about alligators and naked ladies, thankfully not in the same sentence. As an aspiring writer, he included memorable objects in his horror stories to keep the reader’s attention. I’m sure a naked lady could do that.

Life is interesting. What are the chances of sitting next to strangers and finding something in common with each of them? On that day, I met a man selling stories, a gay man, and a writer. Amazingly enough, I felt safe and comfortable with them.

That’s why it’s important to start conversations with others. You might find a common link that can extend the discussion or develop a friendship.

Lights, Camera and No Charge

I stepped out of the Uber car and onto the bumpy, red brick street, happy to be at the Fort Worth stockyards again. There were cowboys on horses, long-horn cattle tied to the fence so children could sit on them, and horse-drawn carriages.

Tale of Two Texas Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day

The crowd began lining the streets to witness the longhorn cattle drive, something I had missed ten years ago. I think I was picturing something like the running of the bulls in Spain. So with great anticipation, I anxiously watched the cowboys lead the cattle from their pen. Then only slightly disappointed, I snapped a few photos as the big, husky longhorns instead casually strolled down the street. The Texas longhorns were intimidating but an historic sight to see – the world’s only daily cattle run.

I looked through my photos on my phone and noticed the battery level was dangerously in the red. Why didn’t I bring that plug with me? I said to myself. Even my  battery charger is dead. How am I going to schedule an Uber or show my rail pass?

I scrambled up and down the Old West shops before finding a general store. I was relieved to find a plug, but felt a little ripped off by the $10 price. Desperate, I paid the clerk and frantically searched for an outlet.

Standing behind a wall in front of the Visitors Center, I tried to look nonchalant but inside I was in a bit of panic. I eagerly waited for the light to turn green. Ten minutes! I thought. I hope it gives me enough juice to open Uber and get on the train. Surely there will be a plug there.

“Darn!” I screamed. There were no plugs on the train. I prayed there would be enough charge on my phone to get me back to the hotel. God answers prayers because when I finally arrived at my hotel room, my battery still had 1%.

Ready, Set, Repeat

Wow, what a day! What an adventure! Two cities, Uber rides, trains, cattle runs, and without one very expensive phone plug I may have been stranded at the depot. It was great to get to explore like I used to, even though I only visited two of six venues and had eight more days before the pass expired.

Tale of Two Texas Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day

I enjoyed my time so much that now I’m considering an Amtrak across the country. I plan to get some writing done, of course, while seeing more wonders of the world! Who wants to join me?

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What brave adventure have you taken recently? Leave a comment and share it with me.

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