Taking Opportunities When They Present Themselves

Opportunities are everywhere. They can consist of a new job, car, socials, or even a traveling adventure. To make the most of these, you have to be flexible and open to change.

My life has been overflowing with opportunities. When I glance back over the last 40 years (since I was a teen), I see myself in the midst of several kinds of part-time employment, which I chose to do because of the flexibility it provided while raising my three children.

Sometimes I daydream about what my life would have been like if I had taken a teaching position right out of college. The best scenario would show me currently sitting in my retirement cabin near a lake, possibly in the mountains or along the coast.

Taking Opportunities When They Present Themselves

Instead, I chose the slow route to retirement and will be working for another decade or two. Several of my friends, who retired within the last year or so, are now looking for a new job. The cost of living is high, especially when we want to enjoy more of what life has to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see people still working well into their 70’s.

There’s an advantage of being self-employed or an entrepreneur. When you learn the system and follow it, you’ll receive many great rewards. Until that happens, you learn how to live minimally and make your dollars stretch.

Living The Life Of An Entrepreneur

My dream job was always to be a teacher who wrote books on the side. What I became was a wife and a mom, will little thought about having to support myself. As an entrepreneur, I could have the opportunity to fund my children’s activities, along with the flexibility to attend school field trips or go to doctor’s appointments.

My first home-based business was with Christmas Around the World which ran from June to December. I was always amazed at the number of women who loved purchasing gifts long before the actual season. With the business, I learned the importance of keeping track of the miles, how to schedule parties (after our family activities were on the calendar), and how to give a presentation that would attract more orders.

I did this business for three years before I even had an inkling I would have a third child. With a new baby in the family, I joined a Tupperware team. I was only in it long enough to learn how to make an entire dinner using the Tupperwave pans (chicken on the bottom, veggies in the middle, and a dessert on top). Other than that, cooking is still an oxymoron.

Time For A Change – New Town, New Opportunities

After my divorce, I moved my children to my hometown where I was introduced to Creative Memories, a scrapbooking company. I loved to take photos, put them into magnetic albums, and write on the bumpy lined pages. What I soon discovered was that these albums were damaging my photos – causing them to yellow and eventually crack. Being able to show the before and after photo pages, many others were soon convinced to purchase the acid-free, lignin-free and buffered pages.

I had a six-year run with this company and earned two all-expense paid trips, one to the Caribbean, and the other to Scottsdale, AZ (which is where Barry and I ended up on our honeymoon.)

Ready Or Not, More Opportunities Ahead

After Barry and I were married for two years, my evenings were full with driving teenagers to school activities and making dinner. So I sold my inventory and life carried on.

The year Barry was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, I sat with him for the first three months watching his body deteriorate. He encouraged me to get into another direct sales company. With his support, I became a Miche representative. This company sold base bags and then shells which covered the bags. Barry said it would be easy, but he was also a born-salesman who could sell a freezer to an Eskimo.

In the meantime, he joined up with Ambit Energy – which helps people save money on their gas and electric bills. It’s a great concept, but for some reason the people where I lived were very skeptical. Several did choose to try the business on their own, but most fell short of the extra bonuses given. When Barry passed away, I quit Miche (I’m not a purse lover) and acquired his Ambit Energy business via his will.

Some Businesses Are Great For Camaraderie.

I met many wonderful people in the following three years. I felt obligated to finish what Barry had started, as he wanted something that would outlive him. But my passion wasn’t in it, so I eventually quit. My joy was with writing so I joined a Transform Thru Writing program. The transformation occurred within myself, giving me opportunities to stand in my own truth with confidence, while my voice blossomed.

To supplement my writing, I returned to Creative Memories but realized I had lost the desire to complete my own albums (due to losing albums in a house fire.) I stayed with it for two years and supplied products for friends who attended workshop or retreats.

Then I found what I loved – making money while driving. I joined both the Uber & Lyft companies and became a driver in Charlotte, NC. Not only does this give me opportunities to get out of the house, but also to meet people, who often provides content for my writing.

Could this be the best opportunity yet?

Unfortunately, problems in my lower back have kept me off the road. No driving, no income. Time to find another direct selling company. My editor introduced me to Prime My Body (PMB). They have only plant-derived  products that aTaking Opportunities When They Present Themselvesre good for your overall well-being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Plus, this helps your other friends – pets!

I’m currently using their number one product – Hemp Oil, to help ease my back pain and discomfort. I was amazed to read about all of its uses, when I Googled it.

When you’re ready to help your friends and family have their pain subsided, check out my website.

Then add your questions in the comment section below or email suecorbran@yahoo.com 


PMB offers several levels to join as an affiliate, depending on your own budget. Or become a preferred customer and purchase at wholesale. Recently, I heard that this is known as the next green rush! (similar to the gold rush.)




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