Setting Boundaries Ahead of the Move

Setting boundaries before I actually need them, will hopefully help me follow through with them after I move. Currently, I live alone in a 2 bedroom condo, and in a few months, I will be sharing a 5 bedroom house with my daughter and her family.

In their new house, I will have a small bedroom, a shared bath, and the use of another room  to use as an office or sitting area.  I am learning to live a simple life, with little baggage (or not many extra boxes).

It will be an adjustment for all of us. Adding one more person to their family of six, makes the seating around the dining table lopsided, yet doable. Perhaps I will play red rover each night, so each of the kids will get a chance to sit beside me.

Guidelines will be in place for everyone – perhaps even a chore list. I don’t mind washing the dishes or sweeping the floor or even folding clothes now and then; but I know everyone takes a turn at their house.

But it’s not just about the chores – inside or outside. It’s about making sure I set boundaries for myself: to make sure I have time to write and network with my friends via email, FB and Instagram; and spend time with new friends.  Perhaps a “Do Not Disturb Grandma” sign will hang on my door; though there’s always time for a hug from a grandchild.

I’ve been setting up some personal practices here, hoping to carry them with me in my new home. Things such as turning off the light by 11 pm; getting out of bed before 8 am; taking the time to read the Bible and pray; eating healthier; and making time to exercise. Living in North Carolina, where the weather is better almost year round (compared to NW PA), will help these become better habits for me.

I’m excited about this new adventure. I know it will take some time to adjust to the surroundings, and getting the opportunity to go church shopping, and meet new friends. I’ll be closer to my family and friends who live in Georgia and Tennessee; and closer to an airport to fly out to visit my son in Los Angeles. And within a days’ drive back to Meadville to visit my family and friends here.

The time to move is drawing near, and so, having these boundaries and personal practices in place will help us all get along better.




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