Passengers, Conversations, and Destinations

Welcome to Sue’s Lift Notes where the conversations in my corolla may bring you to laughter, tears, or just plain smiles.

I became an Uber/Lyft driver for the flexible hours, plus I love to travel and talk to people. If you prefer sitting at a desk in front of a computer from 8-4 or 9-5, then this job is not for you. Not everyone was born to drive, some were born to be riders. That’s where I come in.

Having the experience of driving around Atlanta for 14 years, part-time in a flower delivery van, taught me how to maneuver through allies, u-turns, and fancy neighborhoods. Charlotte has the same type of layout – one way streets, divided two lanes with a medium between filled with flowers or trees, and a GPS system that gives you weird alternate routes.

Passengers, Conversations, and Destinations Part One

I never thought I would trust a GPS over a Road Atlas, but when you’re no longer in the passenger seat to help navigate, you learn real quick to depend on the little screen that says, “turn left in 500 feet”.

I’ve been driving off and on for a year, and still discovering new roads. Recently, I went down Colony from Matthews-Pineville Rd to Sharon Amity. I would have gone farther, but I was pinged to pick up a passenger in Matthews. I was 14 minutes away. I was surprised they waited that long. But it was Sunday and fewer drivers were out on the roads.

My List of Pet Peeves is Expanding

Surely everyone has a list of pet peeves, things that drive you crazy, yet you can’t control them. I’m learning to be thankful to have the opportunity to drive. But really? Check these out and see if any would make your list.

  • Four people get in my car. We engage in conversation. A few miles down the road, they get out and the one person who scheduled the ride is charged $4. (I make 75% of their cost). I made $3 on that trip. This is when I pray for a tip.
  • I’m almost at their destination and they cancel on me. They can watch on their app, where I turn or stop. They’re expecting me to go one way (but they don’t know the road is blocked or the traffic is backed up.)
  • I’m at the airport queue. I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes or so. Finally, I get pinged. I arrive at Zone D and the person doesn’t have any luggage. Actually, they’re wearing a name tag. They work at the airport and need a ride home (within five miles). So I drop them off (another $4-5 trip) and come back to the queue. [I do have positive stories about these rides, too!]
  • It’s no fun when they re-route me to a new destination for pick-up (especially when I’m almost to the first one.)

Sometimes these pet peeves can drive me crazy but I never let on to the passenger. It’s my job to make sure they arrive at their destination safe and sound. Plus, they’re less likely going to give me a tip if I complain about other riders, or even similar destinations.

Besides Conversations, What Can You Expect?

You can expect short quips of about passengers, destinations, and conversations. Some blogs will focus on a particular destinations around Charlotte such as the new TopGolf venue – off I-485 (exit 3). Have you seen it? It’s huge with three levels for an ultimate driving range experience. I have not been inside, but when I dropped off two guys the other night, it was quite the social scene. I heard it’s family friendly, too.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get many restaurant tips (out of my own experience) but I’ll share the ones my passengers recommend. Recently a young couple recommended a few places in Matthews (where I live). Besides the delicious bacon-topped donuts at Your Mom’s Donuts , the young woman suggested the Taste of Europe restaurant, because the Polish meals reminded her of home.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these posts and share them each week on your own Facebook page, or email them to a friend.

If you have any experiences as a driver or a rider, I would love to hear your stories as well. Be sure to post them in the comment section or click here – Susan W Corbran, Writer – to find me on Facebook.



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