How important is it to be in the moment?

When was the last time you stopped to think about ‘being in the moment’? What did it feel like?  What was going on around you? Did that moment fade away like bubbles or gently blow away like the seeds of a dandelion?

What Happens When You Make Time to Be In The Moment

How Would You Define ‘being in the moment’?

When I think about ‘being in the moment,’ I realize a day is full of them. Most pass me by without even a thought. Before we know it a day has gone by, then a week, and a month. Suddenly your children are adults and you wondered how quickly those years passed us all by.

If you could freeze a moment of time, would you? Which one – one when you’re a child or one when you’re an adult? What would it feel like? Where would you be?

The Webster’s Dictionary defines a moment as ‘a very brief period of time’.  If we’re truly in the moment, then nothing else around us matters. I believe no two people will have the same experience in any given moment, even if they are together in the same place. Each person is unique, with their own thoughts and feelings, and the ability to define their own reality.

What Happens When You Make Time to Be In The Moment

During a recent visit to Oregon, my friend MJ taught me about being in the moment, or being present, while he drove us up to the Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood for dinner.

Where can I find a moment of time?

Occasions come and go, like the wind. There are times you wish you had a butterfly net to grab hold of the good ones and keep them from escaping into the chaos we call life. Let’s try a little activity. Read the following sentences one at a time. Can you imagine yourself in that place? How long can you stay there?

  • standing in the middle of a forest with only the sounds of a light breeze blowing through the pine needles.
  • sitting on the beach watching the waves crash into the shore.
  • lying on the grass and watching the clouds float by

How did you do? Did you stand in the forest long enough or did the bear chase you away? If you’re saying, “what bear?”, then I’d say you did a good job being in the moment. It’s all a matter of being present, able to let go of what is happening around you, and enjoy the time.

How Important Is It To Be In The Moment?

When you’re not in the moment, you’re out of alignment with yourself. You are anxious, worried, fearful, and perhaps scared of what might happen. No one wants to hang out with someone who is full of negativity. You don’t have to be that person. Change your thoughts into positive ones. You can believe in yourself and focus on the things that are right in front of you. How can you enjoy life if you’re always thinking of other things and not enjoying what you have now?

First-time parents are a great example of what it’s like to ‘be in the moment’. Think about when your child was born, hearing the first screams, counting the fingers and toes. You are enjoying the present. You are in the moment. You’re able to block out the chaos around you, and concentrate on the reality in front of you. It’s all a matter of perspective.

What happens when you have a story in your head?


My special ‘in the moment’ happened recently when I published my first fiction – You’ll Always Be Close to My Heart. Having the opportunity to hold the book in my hands made me very happy. I will never forget the joy I felt when the UPS man dropped the box off at my apartment. There was a peace. Suddenly everything that I had done to prepare for that moment – all of the late night writing, rewriting, and editing days were behind me, and I could focus on the present.

Find Time To Be In The Moment

Share your favorite moments in the comments below. Then go and practice being in the moment, experience life how God designed it for you.


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