Finding the Positive in a Negative Experience

Conversations in a Camry – #3

As I pull up to a busy nightlife area in uptown Charlotte, I see orange cones placed between the lanes to encourage drivers to slow down. My GPS was directing me to turn right, but that road was blocked. So I pulled off to the side and called my rider.

“Hi, This is Sue, your Lyft driver. The road is blocked and so I can’t come down to where you are. I am out here on the main road.”

“Honey, are you from Charlotte?” (I have to mention, this was a man talking to me)

“No, I’m not.”

“Well, that’s obvious. Now honey, you need to find another way to come get us.”

“I will try and find you. I’ll call back if I have any trouble.”

I drove up and down the street but there was no other entrance to where he was waiting. The next thing I heard was a ping on my phone – Rider Canceled. I was actually relieved. I wasn’t sure what he was going to say as he climbed into my car.

It is frustrating at times, when you can’t get to the rider when they want you there.

On the same night, I got pinged from a rider just up the road as I was turning left onto another street. So I had to go around a block, only it ended up being a larger block because of street closings. By the time I was a block away, the rider canceled.

Experiences like have happened even when I was driving for Uber. Getting upset and frustrated isn’t worth your time. You have to stay calm for the next rider. Another time, the GPS on my phone wasn’t keeping up with my turns and for a minute, I was confused at which way to turn. The last thing I want to do is take the rider on a wild goose chase. I know the more I drive, the more I will learn the area. Although driving at night is different than during day time, I still need to be ready for whatever obstacle comes my way. 

Some of the differences between Lyft and Uber

Although I haven’t experienced this yet, other drivers have told me that you can make more money driving for Lyft. One of the advantages is that the riders can add a tip for you at the end, right on their app. As an Uber driver, a tip would be in the form of cash. 

The other difference that I noticed right away was the GPS system each uses. Lyft uses Waze. I installed the app a few weeks ago so I could familiarize myself with it. I like it. It scoots you around traffic jams, tells you where the police are hiding, or if there’s an accident up on the side of the road. These are all good things. What I’m still getting used to is the fact that you get pinged by Lyft and then have to transfer over to Waze to get the directions, switch back to Lyft to acknowledge that you picked him/her up and then switch again to Waze for the new destination directions and finally switch back to Lyft to acknowledge you dropped them off.

The Uber GPS system is all in one app. So it makes it a whole lot easier on the first day out. As with anything, the more you do it, the more comfortable you become. So in time, I’ll have the Lyft-Waze system figured out and running smoothly.

An experience, no matter if it’s positive or negative, can turn into a good life lesson.

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If you’re willing, share with us a negative experience that turned into a positive one – in the comments below. Thanks and have a great day.



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