Four Ways for Families to Enjoy Beach Days

Most people I meet will tell me they enjoy going to the beach more than any other place. They say it’s very relaxing. They could sit in a beach chair for hours, covered in suntan lotion reading a good book – such as a romance novel; take a nap; take a walk; or look for starfish or shells at low tide.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Enjoying the beach in Wells, ME

Four Ways for families to spend the day at the beach.

1. Building Sandcastles Together

Even without a bucket or shovel, a child can use their hands to dig a hole and then pack down the sand to build a houses, castles, walls and anything they want. Building a castle after the tide goes out and then watching it approach as it comes back in and destroys the castle, is fun for the whole family.

2. Play Some Games on the sand

Whiffleball, Kickball, 4-square, bocce, croquet, and soccer are several games that can be played at the beach. The hardest part might be keeping the ball from rolling too far down the beach. Any court or field can be sketched onto the sand using your hand, a rock or a stick.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Whiffle ball playing at the beach

3. Swimming with or without a surfboard

Swimming in the ocean is different than in a pool, or even in a lake. An ocean has a current that moves along the shore, and can be dangerous aka a rip current, which pulls everything out to sea.

It’s safest to swim near a lifeguard stand. Not only do they display the water temp, but they have a flag system which lets you know the direction of the winds or current; and whether it is safe to swim.


Lifeguard flag system

Boogie boards are a great way to enjoy the day at the beach. They make them in several sizes, so younger children can use them as well. They just walk out to about waist deep and wait for a wave. Just as it’s about to crash, they lean their chest on the end of the boards, grabbing the sides with their hands and kick their feet in the water; and the wave should carry them into the shore.

You can also swim without a board. This is called body surfing. Using the same technique except in this case, your body is the board. Just stand, wait for a wave, and then dive forward with your arms out straight and your hands flat with fingers pointing towards the shore. The waves will carry your body into the shore. Hint: Be careful to check your bathing bottoms before you stand up. Sometimes the waves can cause them to drop.

4. Let’s Go Fly a Kite

You can go to the beach and not even swim. Besides taking walks along the shore, you could fly a kite. Occasionally you have to watch out for other kite flyers, as not to tangle your lines. And another hint is to watch the end of the string – because sometimes it’s not tied to the spool.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Enjoy a day flying a kite

There are more ways to enjoy the day at the beach. Perhaps you can name a few of them in the comments. When is your next vacation? Which beach do you enjoy the most?

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