How To Create Simple Albums That Will Last A Lifetime

With tears in her eyes, Malinda shared her desire to create a personalized keepsake before cancer took her life. She wanted to craft beautiful cross-stitch pictures for her three daughters, but her hands were frail and unable to hold a needle.

As I hugged her, I suggested making photo albums, as I wasn’t gifted to help her sew. She thought it was a great idea, but wasn’t sure how much time she had left. I told her not to worry. “I’ll put the albums together, and all you have to do is tell me the stories to write down.”

As a surprise, I created a fourth album for her. Over the years, I often heard people say, “I wish I would have told them this or that…” Malinda deserved to know how much she was appreciated by her friends, and what her life meant to them.

In three short weeks, the albums were ready. As Malinda examined them, she glanced up at me and whispered thank you with tears streaming down her face.  When I handed her the fourth album, her face lit up with joy. She was overwhelmed with emotion as she turned through the pages of handwritten messages of gratitude and appreciation.  At that moment, I knew it was the most meaningful gift I could give. It felt good to preserve the memories that her family would cherish after she was gone.

Malinda died one week later. Her husband and children were grateful for the albums and found comfort that other people valued her as much as they did.

Have you organized your family photos and stories to leave a legacy for loved ones when you’re gone?

Preserving your memories, just like Malinda did, is important because those who love you want to hold onto you forever. Your life and memory has value. An album with family photos and the stories that go with them is a beautiful life history that gets passed down through the generations. Your family will always know how much you loved them.

As your Creative Memories Advisor, I can show you a simple way to preserve your memories in a photo safe album to last a lifetime.

How do I get started?

Start with just one type of album you want to create.

Malinda wanted each daughter to have their own personalized album with photos of them throughout their first few years. I left extra spaces on the pages so the girls could write down special memories to share someday with their own children.

Here are a few popular albums that my customers start with:

  • Wedding albums, not only capture the ceremony forever, but also photos and memories of family members you don’t see very often.
  • Holiday albums help you pass on traditions, share recipes, and strengthen the family bond.
  • Vacation albums will make sure you never forget the laughter, adventures, and places you visited together.

There is no limit to the type of albums you can create, and some may only hold memorabilia when photos aren’t available. Don’t overstress about where to begin. Start with a specialized album centered around a special event.

I’m available to help you get started. Contact me here.

What If My Pictures Aren’t Organized?

Many of my customers have the same worry. Those of us old enough to remember cameras with film cartridges, probably have envelopes with every single photo from the roll, even the blurry ones. Many of us upgraded to a digital camera, yet often our photos are left on our camera or only shared on Facebook or Instagram.

Malinda’s pictures were scattered throughout her house. We found a laundry basket filled with old magnetic albums hiding under a pile of clothes. The pages were yellow from age and some of the pictures were stuck together. We found more photos in shoe boxes in the garage and stuffed in drawers.

How to Create Simple Albums to Last a Lifetime

As you go on a photo hunt throughout your home, set aside the pictures for your first specialized album. The other ones can be put in a photo-safe box for future albums. The photos on facebook or instagram can be saved in a folder on your computer and then uploaded to a thumb drive for printing. 

TIP: If your photos are stuck on the pages in your magnetic album, use dental floss to slide under the photo to unstick it.

Creative Memories albums have acid- and lignin-free and buffered pages to prevent yellowing, and to protect your photos. I have customers that only use Creative Memories albums to protect their pictures even if they choose not to use our paper and stickers.   

TIP: Not only can photos become permanently stuck on the pages in a magnetic album but they can also adhere to the glass in a picture frame. 

Will It Take A Lot Of Time?

As the album-maker, you get to decide how long you want to spend on each album. Once I gathered the pictures needed for Malinda’s albums, it only took a few hours to adhere them to the pages. The last part was to write down the stories. 

Keep the journaling simple! Include the who, what, and when.

  • Who’s in the picture?
  • What are they doing?
  • When did it take place?

The longest part of the scrapbooking process is the gathering of your photos. Sticking with a specialized album, such as a Fast2Fab album, speeds the process up. 

After sorting your photos, you can lay out the paper, stickers, memorabilia, and photos ahead of time and design the page. Once you adhere everything in place, write down the stories. You’ll have a completed album ready to share in a few hours.

What If I’m Not Very Creative? 

That’s the beauty of having me as your CM Advisor! I teach simple pages and quick & easy completed albums that bring out the creativity in everyone. Many of my customers tell me they don’t have a creative bone in their body, but after we finish their first album they see how easy it is.

Creative Memories makes it easy too. You’ll find plain pages for you to personalize with your own style.  Or, you can choose from many beautiful predesigned pages. The easy Fast2Fab albums allow you to simply add your photos into a “done-for-you” design for a gorgeous album in less time.

We all have our own style, so make your album unique. Remember, this is your project. You get to decide what photos go in it. Creative Memories gives you many options that you’ll come to love.

I can teach you how to create simple albums. Subscribe to my newsletter to get announcements for my upcoming online classes.

Will I Need To Buy A Lot Of Tools?

Here is a list of basic tools to help you begin.

  1. Album cover and pages (or the Fast2Fab Albums)
  2. Adhesive, paper and stickers
  3. Personal trimmer
  4. Photo-safe pens  

Album covers come in a variety of 15 colors. They include our exclusive Flex-Hinge® binding that lays flat, making it incredibly easy to view and enjoy your album pages for years to come. You can add plain (white, black, natural or spargo) pages or predesigned Fast2Fab pages to your albums.

Using the personal trimmer will help draw the subject back into focus, while taking out the busy background. The corner rounder gives your photo a more polished look.

Our black or brown pens are photo-safe and fade resistent. They come with a round tip on one end and a fine tip on the other; and are perfect for journaling your stories.

Creative Memories has a selection of other tools to create greeting cards, as well. 

I offer an online class to show you how to use these basic tools. Sign up to receive announcements for my next one.

Are You Ready To Get Started Now? 

Album making is fun and meaningful, and easy for the entire family to do together. I’ve had children as young as four years old make their own album.

Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation on skype, so we can discuss what kind of album you’d like to start, how many photos to plan for per page, and what else you need to be successful with creating albums.

In the meantime, You can join my public facebook group  where you’ll receive weekly scrapbooking tips, access to not only my personal blogs but also Creative Memories Blog. Plus, you can connect with other scrapbookers to ask questions and share what you know too. Watch for announcements for upcoming classes to teach the basics of album-making, along with how to create borders and how to use the Creative Memories digital products.

To schedule your free 15 minute skype consultation, click here.

Are you ready to organize your family photos and stories to leave a legacy for loved ones? Where do you store your photos? Share in the comments.

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