From Shoe Boxes to the Cloud

From Shoe Boxes to the Cloud

From shoe boxes to the cloud. Not the kind that holds rain, snow or hail. It’s a newer concept – It makes the perfect photo saver.

Where the photos came from…

When cameras required film canisters or drop-in containers, you could save money by mailing them to a processing plant to receive double prints for the price of singles. These would be returned to you within 2-3 weeks. It was exciting to receive the envelopes in the mail, and then take them out and share them with friends. But then what did you do with them?

Although Polaroid pictures became popular due to the fact that they processed the photos within minutes, there was still a need for a container to store them.

Then came the invention of digital cameras. No more printing out pictures you didn’t want – such as blurry photos, or ex-boyfriends. Keep what you want, delete the rest. In other words, pay for what you want. But not everyone has access to view your photos on your camera (or your phone, as the case is currently).

Where do you keep your photos?

In a shoe box?

Women collected boxes not only for shoes, but for all of those loose photos and the memorabilia; such as their children’s art work, test papers and report cards.

shoeboxes to the cloud

Unorganized box of photos

The problem with shoe boxes is that they don’t keep the critters from damaging the photos. Mice could gnaw on the cardboard and create holes or nesting areas. Bugs would leave marks and streaks on the photos. And if the boxes got damp, so did the photos.

In a magnetic album?

Magnetic albums became popular for scrapbooking. Not only could you lay photos on the pages, but memorabilia as well. Unfortunately, over time, the pages would yellow, due to the lignin in the paper.


Pages have turned yellow – causing the photos to yellow, too.

Plus, sometimes the stickiness on the pages worked too well, and you couldn’t remove the photos or memorabilia (for scanning purposes, or to give away.)

On an SD card?


Though most SD cards are now 16, 32 or 64 GB or more, they have become the shoe box of today. Thousands upon thousands of pictures are taken yearly, only to be kept on a card. Hundreds of those pictures are never seen once they were taken.

Alternate scrapbooking idea
creative memories album

Creative Memories albums are lignin-free, acid-free, and buffered; to protect your pictures for life.

Those who gave up on magnetic albums, switched to acid-free, lignin-free and buffered pages from creative memories. This company provides other items as well, to create just the write pages for your keepsake. (I am an advisor for this company – the above link is to my website).

But not everyone has time to sit down with their photos and create page after page. Instead, some women make digital albums with companies such as Picaboo Books. You can choose to place your photos or let the company do it for you – after you upload the pictures. And delivery is usually within two weeks.

In the cloud?

And finally, for those who choose not to scrapbook or make digital books, resort to putting their photos in the cloud which is supposed to be the safest storage available. The only downfall is that not everyone has the opportunity to look at your photos, like they would if you had them in an album or book.

cloud storage

The Cloud will store all of your important, and not-so important things.

So whether you choose to keep your photos in a shoebox or in the cloud, I recommend you create atleast one album or digital book of your family members through the years. This would become a keepsake for the generations to come.

Creative Memories


Let’s get together soon and discuss your options. Comment below if you’d like to set up a skype consultation. In the meantime, keep taking pictures.

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