How We Turned Our House into the Chutes and Ladders Game

When it was too cold, rainy or dark to go outside, my siblings and I would play games in the house. Sometimes we played with board games, but other times, we created games to play. Knowing there were a lot of nooks and crannies in the house, each game included plenty of fun. 

One day we decided to make a real-life chutes and ladders game. Starting on the 2nd floor, I would toss a towel down the laundry chute. My brother could grab it from the first floor opening and then run it back upstairs, in which I would have to run down to the first floor. In the meantime, he would toss the item in and it would reach the basement where my sister was. She would run it back up switching places with him. We were never quick enough to snatch it on the first floor two times in a row. Hence the similarity of the board game, Chutes and Ladders.

How We Turned Our House into a Chutes and Ladders Game

Taking a break from playing in the house.

Our other favorite game to play was Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Seek is best played in the dark, though we would also play during the day time, but just not turn on any other lights. The seeker would count to 20 and then yell out, Ready or not, here I come! The last person found is the winner and becomes the next seeker. The best way to catch someone was to walk into a room and then stand there, as quiet as a mouse and listen for any type of noise or movement.

Although we had use of the whole house, most of the favorite hiding places were not on the first floor.

On the second floor there was little closets near the dormers, deep closets in the bedrooms, spaces under the beds, in mom’s laundry basket, or behind the dresses in her closet. In the basement was a separate room full of desks and chairs, a roll-away bed folded up that I was small enough to squeeze into, and of course, the laundry chute.

At the end of the chute was a wooden crate, about four feet off the floor, and almost always filled with dirty clothes and towels. We would climb up into it, squat down and cover ourselves with clothes and towels. Sometimes we forgot how dirty and wet the laundry could be.

One time my brother found the best spot.

We searched the whole house, yet we couldn’t find him anywhere. He had to be in it somewhere. We kept looking and listening. Finally, someone found him – up in the laundry chute itself, somewhere between the first and second floor. He had shimmied his way up and then hung on til we found him. 

I’m pretty sure mom wasn’t too happy with him doing that. It was probably the first and last time he hid there. But it definitely would have been the prize for the best hiding place ever. Board games are fun, but acting out them was more exciting.

What were your favorite games to play as a child? Feel free to engage in a conversation with me below. 

How We Turned Our House into the Game Chutes and Ladders

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