You Can’t Make a Positive Change With a Lie

I was inspired this week by Joyce Meyer’s devotion, Love Out Loud. Just reading the title of the daily reading, Truth Precedes Change, I knew it was a God thing.

I’ve spent a good part of my life hiding and allowing others to silence the truth of what was going on. Like when my first husband warned me, “What goes on inside our house is no one else’s business! They don’t need to know what we’re doing.”

Once when I told my mom that I was going to counseling she told me, “Don’t blame it on me!” I thought, “Why would I blame you? Is there something from my childhood that I have forgotten? Should I be worried about remembering it?”

Telling the Truth is Good

I think telling the truth is good, so you can always be in integrity with yourself and others. We want others to tell us the truth, so we should set the example.

My dad was a lawyer so it was hard not telling him the truth, even though I didn’t always do it. Being honest often meant confessing something that I had done – like the time I wrecked his car.

The ski club pulled into the school parking lot around midnight. I was tired so I hopped off the bus, into the car, and put the gear in reverse without even looking behind me. As I started to back up, BAMM! I felt a jolt when the two cars collided. I was embarrassed. Of all the cars to hit, I backed into the principal’s car!

Although I was frightened, I came clean as soon as I walked in the door. Thankfully, dad got everything taken care of. Even if I wanted to hide then, facing my dad was enough to pull the truth out of me. Yup, I couldn’t keep that accident from him, however, he never knew about the time I lost control and hit a small bush on top of an embankment, just missing the telephone pole.

Without Truth There Is No Change

You can’t expect change if you’re not standing in your truth. I know that admitting the truth may be painful, and maybe that’s why I avoided it for so long. But when I was too afraid to stand in my truth, I caused myself more pain just to keep living a lie.  

All those years I was lying to myself, to others, and hiding from God. I pretended to have my life all together and didn’t want help from anyone. Yet nothing ever improved until I spoke the truth and came out as Christian gay. Now I am changed for the better. I love myself again, and I am starting to believe that I can really be the difference without a husband or someone else to lean on, which is something I did not believe since I was married the first time. I can do it with God’s help.

Telling the Truth Sets You Free

Had I known that people would accept me and my truth, I probably wouldn’t have married Barry, my second husband. But I don’t regret it because Barry was a good part of my life, and I’m glad I had an opportunity to love him and be loved by him.  

So I guess the biggest takeaway I received today from this daily devotion, is that through life we should work at being honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with God. God speaks the truth all the time, even when we don’t want to hear it.

How has telling the truth set you free? Share your thoughts about truth and change.

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My name is Susan W (sue) Corbran. I am a writer, a Creative Memories consultant, a volunteer in Children's Ministry at my church, and an advocate for widows and gay Christians. I love helping people - whether it is by sharing my stories; consulting with others on how to preserve their most precious memories - photos and ways to tell their stories; or helping children learn about God - and for them to know that He loves them, no matter what! I am a Mom and a Grandma. I love to golf, travel, read, and listen to music (and play the piano and guitar, when available - simple songs!). Oh and I love to write - so be sure to read some of my blogs. I am a co-author of the book Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth, An Amazon Best Seller, 2015, along with The Call to Soar, an Amazon Best Seller, 2016. An author of the ebook Five Simple Ways to Love Gay Christians You Need to Know Now, 2017, and other numerous blogs and articles for magazine contests. This year, 2017, I plan to publish a series of books for young adult (ages 9-14) in the genre of Christian Life. I also hope to publish a book of childhood memories (to share with my grandchildren). My hope is that God willl be praised and glorified by my writing for Him.


  1. adamross616 September 8, 2016 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    Truth has always been a way of life for me; however, it is not easy, especially when the truth is “I AM GAY”! I didn’t go the way of marrying a man, but being a lesbian and a Christian was a struggle. I can’t say I enjoyed this article, BUT I enjoyed the message and the outcome. “The Truth Shall Set You Free”! I hope and more gays and straights will find peace in the Truth, whatever their ”trial” is.

    • Sue September 15, 2016 at 1:45 pm - Reply

      Thanks Jan for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. For too long I didn’t even look to see if there were others walking in my shoes but now I know, and it’s comforting. Yes, there will still be struggles, but it’s all good because God loves us all the same.

  2. Judah L. Jones September 8, 2016 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    I grew up in a family that taught me to hide my visual impairment. I learned to do everything I could to “fake it” and pretend I was “normal”. I would fail a test rather than say I couldn’t see the board where the questions were written, and fake being sick rather than play tennis or other visual sports in gym. The only reason I was allowed to attend a summer program for blind and visually impaired youth was because they would then provide scholarships for college. That experience began to open my eyes to the possibilities of life when you stand in your truth. Finally, being with people like me, I began to learn how being authentic is very freeing, and allows real relationships to develop. Thank you for your inspirational article!

    • Sue September 8, 2016 at 3:19 pm - Reply

      Thanks for sharing. I”m glad you made the decision to stand in your truth when you were young, and not wait til you were in your mid-50’s, like me. 🙂

  3. Mike September 8, 2016 at 3:08 am - Reply

    Good article, Mom!

    • Sue September 8, 2016 at 3:20 pm - Reply

      Thanks Mike, I appreciate your support and listening ears.

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