How to celebrate twenty thousand written words!

Today, I went up to Erie to celebrate me – for writing 20,000 words so far in the book, Around Robin Hood’s Barn, which is due to be published in Oct of 2016. 

Although there was snow on the ground, bare branches in the trees, and no sign of spring anywhere; I was excited to take some time off to celebrate my accomplishment.

After a 40 minute drive on country roads, I reached my destination. I got my ticket for the movie and walked up the stairs to find just the right seat. I loved the stadium theater seating – you never had to worry about someone’s head being in your way and there was plenty of leg room if you wanted to do some simple yoga exercises before the movie started.

After having my favorite chicken tenders and waffle fries at Chick Fil A, I drove down to the beach. When I saw the rollercoaster and the water slides, I knew I was almost there.

I decided to celebrate at the beach.

My first stop was on the bay side where you could see the buildings in downtown Erie. The wind was so strong I had trouble opening my door. I scooted out as the door slam shut behind me. My hands became red from the cold breeze as I snapped a couple quick pictures and got back in the car. 

I drove over to the beach. This time I grabbed my hat to cover my ears, but forgot to put on my gloves.

No matter the cold and the wind, being on the beach, listening to the wind whip by, the waves crash into the ice dunes, and the seagulls talk to each other was just what I needed. A time to relax and celebrate my writing; and give me even more things to write about in the future.

It was a great day and now I can start planning the next celebration – 40,000 words!



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