How to Find Your Voice in a Bowl of Red Hot Chili

After three days cramped in the back of our station wagon from Pennsylvania to Colorado, I was happy to stretch my legs. I was also sad to say goodbye to my older brother Dave. I was 10 years old, the youngest of four, and often felt left out from the conversation sitting in rear of

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Tale of Two Texas Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day

Skipping out on a business meeting, I added the Dallas City and Rail apps to my phone, and soon found myself 475 ft up at the Reunion Tower. Excited, I took a video for my friends, walking around the outside pointing out all the sights, including several cities. By the time I went all the

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Confessions of an Uber Driver Part 2

Last week I shared revelations from my first two days of driving with Uber. It is amazing what you can discover about yourself while sitting in the driver’s seat for four hours or so. Read Confessions of an Uber Driver, Part 1 to see what I mean. It reveals how much we can learn from each

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