What Happens When You Let Fears Control You?

Welcome to a new blog series called "Conversations In My Camry." I've been driving off and on with Uber since July 2016. Since I love to travel and enjoy meeting new people, it made sense to combine the two and make some money. Read more

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How to Find Your Voice in a Bowl of Red Hot Chili

After three days cramped in the back of our station wagon from Pennsylvania to Colorado, I was happy to stretch my legs. I was also sad to say goodbye to my older brother Dave. I was 10 years old, the youngest of four, and often felt left out from the conversation sitting in rear of

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Tale of Two Texas Cities and One Wild & Crazy Day

Skipping out on a business meeting, I added the Dallas City and Rail apps to my phone, and soon found myself 475 ft up at the Reunion Tower. Excited, I took a video for my friends, walking around the outside pointing out all the sights, including several cities. By the time I went all the

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