Finding Balance Within Oneself

He standing up, then he's sitting down. My six year old grandson shows off all the ways he can now ride his bike. Feet on, feet off, two hands on, and one hand off. Noah is all smiles having finally mastered the technique of having balance when riding without those silly training wheels. Read more

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What I Learned at a Church & Culture Conference

Did you know that the rise of "the nones" is the fastest growing community in the U.S.? That is, the religiously unaffiliated group. One out of every five people is considered to be a none. In 2014, 39% of those under 30 were classified as nones. Read More

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How to Transform Your Life

I spent my seventh grade study hall writing children’s stories -- my favorite escape. Being lost in the world of make-believe was my favorite thing to do. I would have stayed there for hours if that darn bell didn’t ring, signaling me to go to the next class.  As a child, when I wasn’t immersed in

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