Are Your Grandchildren Living with You?

Grandchildren are God's gifts. Turning over, slowly opening my eyes, there is a light tap on the door. "Who is it?" I whisper. "It's Noah. Will you put Mario on for me?" "Just a minute," I answer as I crawl out of bed, grab my robe and then go out to help my grandson. I should feel

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How to Make a Simple Announcement

It's FB official. I'm gay. Everyone goes to Facebook when it comes to sharing their exciting news - like an engagement, a wedding, a new house, or a brand new baby. Or they use it to ask for prayers for someone who is sick or dying. FB is used to announce many different

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How to Support Others When Life is Messy

Dirty, covered with cobwebs, constantly scratching bug bites and feeling like we're trapped in a vine labyrinth sound bad enough, but life is also full of dislikes, lust, gossip, broken relationships, lies (even little white ones can be destructive), jealousy, arguments, controversy,  sickness, separation, loss, divorce, abuse, and death. Yes, life is messy, but the

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