What Happens When You Stand Up And Accept Yourself

I felt like a mouse hiding behind the walls of my house. Peeking out every now and then, hoping the cat doesn't see me. I’m starving for attention, I want to be noticed and loved on; yet if I crawl out of my hiding, the cat will pounce on me and eat me alive. I

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How to Comfort a Grieving Friend With a Simple Gift

I clenched Barry’s hand as the doctor approached us. I anxiously examined his face for signs of good news, but his face was grim. We had suspected cancer; we just hadn’t thought about it being the incurable kind. As the doctor spoke the words, our hearts started beating faster and our palms became sweaty. Letting

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Forgiveness Opens the Door to God’s Miracles

Is it hard for you to admit when you are wrong? Are you sometimes unaware that you need to ask for forgiveness? I must admit I've failed at forgiving myself and others in the past. That's why I love my church and the accountability it gives me. We gather once a week in someone’s home

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