The Life and Times of Barry Corbran Part Two

As I glean from the past years, I believe God had a purpose for putting Barry into my life for a season, while I was in his for a reason. Unfortunately, we might not ever understand why other things happened, such as why his first wife Malinda died at the young age of 42. For

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God Holds the Doors Open, For All His Children to Walk Through

As a gay Christian, I was standing quietly behind the closet door, afraid to turn the knob. I've been wanting to come out and stand in my truth, but worried about what others would say or think of me? How would they react if they knew that I was attracted to women? Would I still

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Why Accomplishing Your Dream Feels So Good & the Difference It Can Make For Others

I've been on cloud nine since publishing my first e-book, 5 Simple Ways to Love Gay Christians, in February 2017. The message of the e-book came from my personal experience as a gay Christian and the desire to guide others safely out of their own closet. Hiding From your Truth Can Be Fatal to Your

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