From Piano Lessons to Life Lessons

By the time I had my first piano lesson at the age of 10, I knew how to play Twinkle Little Star and Row Your Boat. As I spent time in my first lesson book - Teaching Little Fingers How to Play, I definitely had my favorites. Once I figured out how to have both

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What Happens When You Stand Up And Accept Yourself

I felt like a mouse hiding behind the walls of my house. Peeking out every now and then, hoping the cat doesn't see me. I’m starving for attention, I want to be noticed and loved on; yet if I crawl out of my hiding, the cat will pounce on me and eat me alive. I

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How I Found My Voice in the Memory of a Red-Flowered Dress

Originally entered in the Real Simple Magazine Contest in September 2016. Judging was announced in January, 2017 - this entry did not win. The Monkey in a Red-Flowered Dress  By Susan W. Corbran  So I am honored to share part of it with you. "Ooh-ooh-ooh-eee-eee!" Standing in the middle of the school gym wearing a

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