Four Simple Questions to Engage a Conversation

I love a good conversation. I'm getting paid to do what I love - travel and meet others. One of my dreams is to travel into small towns across America and hear the stories of those who live there. This will prove how small the world really is. I'm practicing the skill of asking questions

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GPS Apps, Red Lights, and Quiet Rides

Driving on unknown roads, in non-familiar places, and in new-to-me towns, makes my job as a Rides-share Driver quite unique. Having the love of traveling while meeting people are two of the perks in this business. Read more

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How to Let Go of Objects That are Attached to Memories

Hand-me-downs, such as dishes and pictures, are carefully wrapped in newspaper and stuffed in whiskey boxes from the early 1900's. With each passing year the only stories that are passed down, are ones of how your relatives stored them. Read More

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