Thinking Outside of the Box

I'm thinking outside of the box.  But starting with God's Word. In Romans 3:23 reads, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". All have sinned. Every person who has ever walked the earth has sinned; (Except for Jesus himself. He was the only one without sin, until He bore them

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Three Unique Places for Grandchildren to pray

As a child, did you ever kneel at the foot of your bed with your hands nicely folded and your head bowed, and then recited the Lord's Prayer? This was the posture of prayer I had learned when I was young, but did not carry it past elementary school years. Praying like that seemed childish,

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I Found My Gift Through the Grief

I finally found my place in the world, almost three years after my husband died.  My journey began in 2012 when my husband Barry was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in his esophagus. We were told that after 6 months, 50% of the patients were still living.  This gave us some hope, that perhaps someone

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