How to Find The Blessing in a Tragedy

Barry walked out of the worship area to put a stop to whomever was trying to call him. With just one hour left at the youth convention, we wanted the pre-teens to enjoy every last minute. I kept looking back to see if everything was okay. When he finally returned, he whispered to me, “we

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What Happens When You Resolve to Pray?

Have you ever had  thoughts like this? I don’t believe prayer will change anything! Praying sounds so easy to do, but it’s not. My prayers are never answered. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had these thoughts. Life can be frustrating when things don’t go my way, especially when it seems like one

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Three Ways to Love People Where They Are

Today’s devotion, No Pressure, from Joyce Meyer’s book Love Out Loud inspired me. I immediately wanted to post the first sentence all over Facebook and Twitter: “One of the many ways we can love people is to allow them to be who they are.” Too many times, I feel my friends pressure me to become

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