When is a Monkey, Not a Monkey? On a Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me. I love visiting a zoo.  I wanted to look like a monkey, and act like one too.  (But I didn't get the chance.) Looking back over the last 55 years, there are only a few birthday celebrations that made an impression on me, whether good or bad. So I thought I

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What Do You Remember About Your First House?

When I drive past the very first house I grew up in, I'm amazed at how small it appears. Not only the house, but the front yard as well. As a child, I had many fond memories playing inside and out. What features do you remember about the inside of your first house? The laundry

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The Pageants at The Neighborhood Playground

Pageants are happening in every town, every year. Every child dreams - to become a prince/princess, a star or the king/queen of a town or other place? Entering a competition when I was only seven years old was a good expenience with me. It was an honor to recieve this title, even for a day. Each

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