Happy 4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July Weekend

Families across the country are celebrating our independence in a variety of ways: activities, games, food, fun, fellowship.
Happy 4th of July Weekend Activities

Activities you can do (photo by Luann Way)

Which activities would you and your family love to be doing this weekend? (or are doing).

  1. Heading to the beach
  2. Driving to the mountains
  3. Cookout with family and/or friends
  4. Watching a parade
  5. Swimming (lake or pool)
  6. Watching fireworks
  7. Playing with sparklers
  8. Picnic in the park, near a playground
  9. Watching a baseball game
  10. Attending a fair or carnival
Here are some other activities you might be doing this weekend.
  1. camping
  2. hiking
  3. bicycling
  4. canoeing/kayaking
  5. shopping
  6. eating out/ BBQ
  7. kite flying
  8. Backyard games like cornhole/croquet
  9. Sand volleyball
  10. fishing
What are your favorite foods to eat on the holiday weekend?
  1. hotdogs (footlongs!)
  2. hamburgers (with cheese)
  3. fried chicken
  4. steak
  5. watermelon (with or without peaches, strawberries, blueberries)
  6. macaroni salad
  7. coleslaw
  8. strawberry pretzel salad
  9. potato chips
  10. homemade ice cream
And my favorite, desserts…
  1. Apple pie (with homemade ice cream!)
  2. Brownies
  3. Chocolate chip cookies
  4. Sugar cookies
  5. Dirt cake
  6. Whoopie pies
  7. Strawberry Short Cake
  8. Cherry Pie
  9. Dairy Queen Blizzards (or Sonic Blasts)
  10. Chocolate cake/cupcakes
Now that you have the activity, food and dessert decided; who are you taking with you?
  1. self
  2. mother
  3. father
  4. grandparents
  5. sisters
  6. brothers
  7. cousins
  8. aunts or uncles
  9. neighbors
  10. best friend/partner/spouse

So now you have all the ingredients you need for a wonderful 4th of July Weekend. Depending on where you live, will help you decide how you’re going to spend it. If I lived in Colorado, I wouldn’t be going to the beach; instead, I’d be going to the mountains.

As it is, I now live in Concord, NC. I could drive to the beach (> 3 hours) or to the mountains (< 2 hours). But as it is, I’m staying in the area. My family and I went to the Harrisburg parade this morning; and now they went off to a splash pad up in Kannapolis to cool off in this 90 degree weather. Tonight, we’ll be enjoying the fireworks in the city park.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend. Be sure to leave your destinations/favorite foods etc in the comments area. Would love to hear about some cool places to visit.


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